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Milner's Dachshund Store

Custom Promotional Products Manufacturer
Buttons, Magnets, Key Chains, Mirrors, & Clocks



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Custom T-shirts - Buttons - Stickers - Ornaments - Magnets - Mugs - Hoodies - Hats - Caps -
Skateboards - Puzzles - Phone cases - Key Chains - Cards - Pacifiers - Embroidery
Laptop Sleeves - Dartboards - Plates - Towels - Yard Signs - Pillows and More


Magnets                    Buttons                       Stickers
Create Your Own Keychain Create Your Own Heart Ornament
Key Chains             Square Magnets             Ornaments

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You Design Glass Mug
Morphing Mug               Frosted Mug                Frosted Mug
Make Your Own T-Shirt
Travel Mug                Beer Stein                 Dark T-Shirt
Make Your Own Jersey Shirts
T-Shirt                        Jersey                 Long Sleeve

Embroidered                 Sherpa                   Embroidered
Create Your Own Ladies Top Shirt
Make Your Own Ladies Top Tanks Design Your Own Shirt Customize this Singlet Tshirt
Create Your Own Shirt Design Your Own Ladies Dark Top T Shirt
Ladies Shirt                  Ladies Dark              Dark Baseball

Baseball                   Truckers                      Truckers

Truckers Hat                 Apron                      Long Apron

Kids Bib                 Postage                     Postage

Bumper Sticker           Greeting Card               Postcard

    Mouse pad               Skateboard          Embroidered Bag
Design Your Own Tote Canvas Bags Create your own Hand Bag Create your own Hand Bag - Customized
Create Your Own Tie tie Create Your Own Tie Black tie
Baby Onsie                 Neck Tie                 Black Tie
Design your own skateboard  Create Your Own Premium Square Christmas Ornament Make Your Own Wallet
Skateboard                  Ornament                    Wallet
Custom Photo Collectors Plate plate Make Your Own Specialty Jar candyjar Design Your Own Teapot teapot
Photo Plate                  Candy Jar                    Teapot
Make Your Own Pet Bowl petbowl Make Your Own Photo Puzzle puzzle Design Your Own Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag
    Pet Bowl                Photo Puzzle             Messenger Bag
Text on sleeve embroideredshirt Custom Award or Recognition Plaque plaque Custom Wrapped Canvas Portrait wrappedcanvas
Embroidery                Award Plaque           Photo Canvas

Custom Heart / Valentine Stickers sticker Custom Star Stickers sticker Customized Placemats placemat
Make Your Own Custom Pillow throwpillow Make Your Own Kitchen Towel kitchentowel Make Your Own Custom Napkins napkin
       Pillow               Kitchen Towel            Cloth Napkins
Make Your Own Custom Folio rickshawfolio Babies Custom Pacifier Custom Photo Necklace
    Folio                    Pacifier                 Necklace
Custom Photo Playing Cards Make Your Own Yard Sign Create Your Own Coaster
   Playing Cards            Yard Sign             Sandstone Coaster
Photo Dart Board Custom Designed Laptop Bag Make Your Own Doodle iPod Speaker
     Dartboard                 Laptop Bag           Doodle Speaker
Create Your Own Photo Watch Photo iphone Case Cover For iPhone 5 Make your own iphone 5 case
Watch                      Skinit                    iPhone 5
Create Your Own! iPhone 5 Covers Make Your Own iPod Touch case speckcase Make Your Own Custom Galaxy Case casematecase
iPhone 5                                                 Galaxy






Keep Calm and Drink Coffee Apron

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee Apron

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee Poster

 Keep Calm and Drink Coffee Bean Poster

Designer Business Cards
You'll find one of a kind artfully designed business card styles
on this page. Or create your own design.

Designer Invitations
The latest in designer invitations for your next get together

Coffee Shop
For those who love coffee!

Treasure Barn
Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles - Coming Soon

iPhone - iPad - iPod Cases
Hawaiian Tropical Vacation Designs

Daily Job Cuts
(Find out who is cutting jobs, laying off, and filing for bankruptcy)

Gas Prices
(Find the cheapest gas prices for where you live)

Download Speed Test -
Test your download and upload speeds

Bed Bug Registry
Bed Bug Complaints from Hotels across America

Charity Navigator
Find out how much of your donation, goes for administration expenses,
and how much actually gets forwarded to the cause.

Rip Off Reports

Consumer complaint reports. Search through 100's of thousands
of consumer complaints, or file your own.

Financials (company news, and market quotes)
Everything from stock quotes, mortgage advice, bonds, cd's,
companies in the news, real estate, and more.

Free Language Translator
Choose from 29 different languages.

Web Building Tutorials -
Simple easy to understand tags for building your site

(Start promoting your business or cause)

Small Business Buttons
(Buttons Ready made for the small business)

Cancer Awareness Page
Promoting awareness for all cancers.
Cancer News and updates on the latest breakthroughs in technology.
Also cancer apparel that will get the message
out to the public. Knowledge is power.

Ohgeez Sports Shop
Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball etc


DC Comic Book Heroes
Super Hero Apparel

Automobile Enthusiasts
Car t-shirts, magnets key chains, posters, mugs and accessories all about the automobile.
Choose from yesterdays classics, or today's turbo charged wonders.
Can't find what your looking for, add your own
photos and text for a one of a kind keepsake.

Redneck Country Store
All things redneck. From the trailer park to the back porch,
you'll find that perfect gift for your in-laws.

Speed Trap -
Find where police officers set up speed traps in your neighborhood

Rotten Neighbor -
Are you listed on this reference site, for being a rotten neighbor?
Check and see who is a rotten neighbor in your area.

Crime Reports in your Neighborhood

(For every occasion, beautiful arrangements)

Designer Skateboards

When ordinary won't work, design a board that will fly and
capture the attention of everyone on the half pike.

A new theme park about music coming to Arizona

Vintage Arizona
Old Movie clips of Arizona

Magic Shop
Wow your friends with these magic tricks. Inexpensive magic and joke items.
Bring back your childhood with these wonderful tricks and gags.

Show your Faith!
 (Christian t-shirts, postage stamps, stickers, buttons, magnets, skateboards, shoes, and more, all with the message of Christ. Catholic news feed, bringing you updated relevant articles and headlines.

Designer Shoes (closed)
  Designer Keds, designed by today's artists. From lace ups to slip-ons,
women's Keds ,and kid's Keds. There's a design especially for you

Zazzlers Page
(Unique directory of zazzlers who run small product design shops.
Also find coupon codes )

Birthday Party Page

(Invitations, Buttons, Cards, Stamps)

Ohgeez Sports Shop
Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball etc

Ohgeez Skull Shop
Skull Merchandise

Inexpensive Website Hosting with great support.
Start your own website, the easy way.



What's Going On!

Disney Restaurant Fish Tank Cracks

Buying and Selling Pro Athletes

 Why We Need to Sleep Every Night

Obama Attempts To Close Ocean

Government Seizes Bank Account of Family Grocer

Not it will be Easier to take CRAP from Family Members

Harry Reid Rejects Paying Veterans

Obama's Golf Course Remains Open

Obamacare Fines to be taken from Bank Accounts

Bikers Attack Family with 5 Month Old Child

Topless Protestors Model on Catwalk

Bin Laden Raid "One Big Lie"

Toy Helicopter Decapitates Boys Head

Woman Hides $5000 in Rectum

NEW THREAT! Breast Implant Bombs

Man Saves Dog before Wife

Bedbugs Infest Health Department

If you were worried about who would pay for the healthcare of congressional staffers,
you needn't be anymore. The fix is in! Taxpayers will foot the bill.

Insurance to increase up to 198% under obamacare

Wisconsin Government Officials Kill Baby Deer

Hamburger Flippers Want $15 an hour at McDonald's?

Police Kill 95 year old man for not Allowing Medical Treatment

Rock Star Status Pope

Food Stamp Recipients Ship Food Out of Country

Man opens Statement and finds Credit of 92 Quadrillion $$$$$

Dallas Reconsiders Definition of Nudity

Fake Museum Shut Down

Average Americans Commit 3 Felonies Every Day Without Even Knowing It

Pro Abortion Protestors Yell Hail Satan!

Haters Target Pro Life Supporters

Foreign Travelers May Soon be Required to Purchase Health Insurance

How to make home made Febreze for 15 cents a bottle

Tourists Trapped Afloat on Iceberg

Couple Fined for having Bird Feeder

Air Show Crash Video "Warning Graphic"

Man ties up Hands and Feet then Decapitates Himself - According to Police

Need More Obama in your Life? AT&T thinks so.

Warning About Eyeball Licking

Naked San Francisco Man Terrorize Public

Rubber Alien Hoax Ends in Jail Time

Toy Gun Buyback

Breast  Milk Lollipops!

Giant Asteroid to Pass Earth

Why won't Doctors Wash Their Hands?

Didn't Get the Best Deal on a Sale? Now You Can Sue

Naked Woman Rescued From Mountain

Toilet Paper Runs Out!

Boycott App for your Phone


It Shrank My Manhood!






MAKE YOUR OWN mousepad

MAKE YOUR OWN mousepad

(have fun playing free games)

The Memory Game

Fruity Flip

Sexy Slots

Word Search

Creepy Crossword

Jungle Game

Swap A Smiley

Pearl Hunt

18 Wheeler

Sim Taxi

House of Chocolates

Air Balloon Rally 

Street Avenger

Block N Roll
(players favorite)


 Screen printing


Create Your Own! iPhone 5 Covers
Create Your Own! iPhone 5 Covers
Just Add your own photo or design.
You can also use the customized text generator with a lot of cool fonts.
Keep your cell phone safe and protected!

Obama Phone iPhone 5 Case
Obama Phone iPhone 5 Case

Don't Forget My Senior Discount! embroideredhat
Don't Forget My
Senior Discount!

So Many Snowbirds, So Little Freezer Space Bumper Sticker
So Many Snowbirds,
So Little Freezer Space

No Soup For You Apron!
No Soup For You Apron!

No Whining Collection
Do you work with someone that whines too much. This collection is perfect to give as a gift, or make a statement at work.
more "no whining products" (watches, playing cards, jewelry, golf accessories, etc)

 No Whining Mouse Pad mousepad
No Whining
Mouse Pad

 No Whining Mug mug
No Whining Mug

No Whining Tie - RED tie
No Whining Tie
No Whining Tie - BLACK tie
No Whining Tie - BLACK
No Whining T-shirt shirt
No Whining
no whining-dark shirt
No Whining-
No Whining Hat hat
No Whining
No Whining Button button
No Whining Button

Make Your Own Kitchen Towel kitchentowel
Make Your Own Kitchen Towel

Make Your Own Custom Pillow throwpillow
Make Your Own Custom Pillow
Make Your Own Custom Water Bottle libertybottle
Make Your Own
Custom Water Bottle
Make Your Own Custom Napkins napkin
Make Your Own
Custom Napkins
Customized Placemats placemat
Customized Placemats
Make Your Own Shirt - Click
Make Your
Own Shirt
Make Your Own Custom Galaxy Case casematecase
Make Your Own Custom Galaxy Case
Make Your Own Custom Folio rickshawfolio
Make Your Own Custom Folio




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