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Now is the time to get involved before it's too late!

You've heard Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and a host of other radio personalities, talk about the fairness doctrine, and how the liberal left, is pushing for its return. Now is the time for action, to call your congressman or congresswoman, and let them know how you feel. You can also send them a postcard with the message "Save Talk Radio". Grass roots efforts have changed many laws, and created movements for many different causes
around this great country.

Save Talk Radio Shirt - Customized shirt
Save Talk Radio Shirt

The fairness doctrine is real, and may silence your favorite talk show. We know most successful talk stations are formatted  with a conservative edge, because it works. The majority of Americans are mostly conservative in nature, and identify with conservative talk radio because of the values they hold dear. By adding liberal viewpoints to many of these talk radio shows, will leave the listener running for the hills. I for one get nauseated when Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Barney Frank take the podium to speak.  Conservative talk radio is a refuge, a breath of fresh air, an isle of sanity, in the midst of all the liberal tv media we are inundated with day to day. Stand up and be heard, "Save Talk Radio".
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